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by Rosemary Frisino Toohey

(Socks was staged as part of a double-bill along with Holidays In by Jim Sheehan at The Run of the Mill Theater. This page includes only those parts of the review focusing on Socks.)

J. Wynn Rousuck
July 28, 2005
The Baltimore Sun
Copyright 2005

Rosemary Frisino Toohey's Socks, (is) a short, sprightly curtain-raiser in which four actors portray the stray socks left behind in a Laundromat dryer.

Each actor is dressed - and behaves - in a style befitting the wearer of his or her type of sock. For example, Tim Elliott, who plays a gym sock, is dressed in tennis whites and acts like a jock. A performer named JaHipster, who plays a trouser sock, assumes the manner of a sophisticated businesswoman. Steve Lichtenstein, as a thinning dress sock, looks and acts like a sleazy, washed-up salesman. And Kimberly Hannold, as a leg warmer, is a graceful, leotard-clad dancer.

Toohey tosses in some amusing one-liners, as well as a bit of existential angst and even some romance, as the abandoned socks seek partners. The play is somewhat reminiscent of a piece with the same title by local playwright Kimberley Lynne, which was produced at the Theatre Project in 1997. That play found a Shakespearean destiny for stray socks. This one supplies a less lofty, but delightfully silly, answer to one of the great questions of our time: What happens to lost socks?

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