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Rosemary Frisino Toohey’s Published Plays

In the Tank is published by Dramatic Publishing, Woodstock, IL and it is Rosemary's most popular play. Produced more than 70 times around the world since it premiered in Baltimore in 2001, the story of two philosophical lobsters has a charm that crosses generations and continents. It has been done by high school students and senior citizens from New York to New Zealand. In the Tank was one of four one-act plays produced under the title “Seafood Buffet” as part of the annual Baltimore Playwright’s Festival. “Seafood Buffet" won second place for both Best Play and Best Production that year.

  • Gladys in Wonderland, published by Playscripts, Inc. in New York City, is another play with strong, universal audience appeal. Since it was first staged as part of the Baltimore Playwrights Festival in 1999, it has had at least one production every year. Theater-goers from Virginia to California and Arkansas to Alberta have enjoyed its humor and recognized its enduring truths.

  • A monologue from Gladys is included in Actor’s Choice: Monologues For Women, Volume 2, It can be ordered from Amazon or her New York publisher, Playscripts Inc.

  • Two more full length comedies are now in the stable of Rebel Belle Publishing : Gravy Anxiety , the tale of a thanksgiving dinner from hell and The Ice Cream King, a love story. He never seems to find the right kind of girl, she always picks the wrong kind of guy until---lightning flash, drum roll---they meet over a tunafish sandwich on New Year's Eve.

  • Berry Season is the 5th Frisino Toohey play in the Lazy Bee Scripts catalogue. In this comedy, a greengrocer's imagination takes off at warp speed when a young lovely comes looking for strawberries. Catch Sky Blue Theatre's performance of Berry Season on YouTube .

  • Tilapia is another one-act comedy that was staged originally as part of Seafood Buffet in the 2001 Baltimore Playwrights Festival. It's published by Lazy Bee Scripts, Southampton, UK and has had an international following with productions ranging from the City of Arundel in the United Kingdom to Anne Arundel County, Maryland where it was staged in Annapolis.

  • Lazy Bee Scripts, Southampton, UK is also the publisher of Socks. Socks is a one-act comedy about four socks facing rejection and fear after being left behind in a clothes dryer. They have not, however been rejected by audiences who have laughed at the play in venues from Gloucester England, to Christchurch, New Zealand.

  • Cucarachas is a one-act comedy about, yes, cockroaches, published by Dramatic Publishing, Woodstock, IL. Audiences from Manhattan on America's east coast to Prince Rupert, BC on Canada's west coast have shared the humor of four cockroaches in a research lab as they try to deal with some very large realities. Should they run in the time-honored manner developed by "Roach the First," or blaze a trail in a different direction?

    Dramatic Publishing, Woodstock, IL is also the publisher of the one-act comedy Cosmic Fruit Bowl. It takes a tough skin to sort out the challenges of life in fruit bowl where anxiety, alienation and bad attitude rule the day. But even so, audiences in the Manhattan Theater District enjoyed the plight of an apple, a banana and an orange, upset by the arrival of a kiwi. And was that kiwi really a fruit or --horrors-- a bird?

  • Frozen Fish Sticks, produced in the U.K. and the US, has become the 3rd Frisino Toohey play in the Lazy Bee Scripts catalogue. This one-act comedy about three females in a focus group recruited to talk about frozen fish packaging goes way off the charts to the up close and personal.

  • Fish Have Feelings Too, has been added to the Lazy Bee Scripts catalogue. A large-cast comedy about a fender-bender at a seafood eatery that gets more than complicated, Fish premiered in Seafood Buffet at the Baltimore Playwrights Festival. All 4 of the Seafood comedies are now published.

    Rosemary Frisino Toohey’s plays appeal to scholars as well as audiences. Many university libraries hold her work, including those at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Texas A&M, Carnegie Mellon, Brown University, Harvard College, and the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg Campus in South Africa.

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