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Under the Polar Trees premiered in August as part of the Baltimore Playwrights Festival (BPF) and was a success with audiences and theatrical critics alike.

In addition, Under The Poplar Trees, was one of 5 Finalists for the Julie Harris Playwright Awards and excerpts from the play were read at the Kennedy Center Page to Stage Festival, on Labor Day, September 1.

This was the ninth Frisino Toohey play to have its premiere at the BPF. The previous 8 plays have gone on to a total of 120 subsequent productions from New York to New Zealand.

A new short comedy, The Petition, also had a reading at The Kennedy Center over Labor Day weekend, and will have a second reading at Single Carrot Theatre in Baltimore in October.

Four full-scale Frisino Toohey productions are now scheduled in October:

  • Socks will be done at Drake University in Iowa.

  • Tilapia will be produced in Nashua, New Hampshire.

  • The Sleeping Beauty of Burbank will be staged in San Diego, CA.

  • And Gladys in Wonderland will be done in Punxsatawney, Pennsylvania.

    In November Gladys will have its 19th production, this time in Saint Paris, Ohio.

  • Frisino Toohey's works are not only on the stage, they are on the page and on the screen. A monologue from Gladys in Wonderland was just published by Playscripts Publishing, New York, NY in Actor’s Choice: Monologues for Women.

  • Grace Goes to Sea, a moving one-act drama, is now on You Tube, starring Steve Lichtenstein in a masterful performance.

    There is additional information about all these accomplishments and more on the Productions page.

  • Photo of Rosemary Frisino Toohey

    The playwright is elated to note that her published plays are now included in the collections of the library at Harvard University, Carnegie Mellon, Brown University, Texas A & M and the University of Southern California along with two dozen others, not the least of which is the library at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa …just in case you happen to be in the neighborhood!

    Thanks for dropping by my web site and here you'll find a list of my current productions, published plays, synopses of many of my plays, the awards and, naturally, my bio.

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